This new Speakeasy is hidden behind a wall of fancy chocolate bars

The Perfect Provisions Shop has everything a foodie could ask for: artisan cheeses, small batch cookies, gourmet charcuterie, creative condiments, a range of local epicurean products to discover. You know, all those funny candle bites with labels that make you say, “Huh, I should try that!”

Luckily for us, the shelves of Pine & Polk are stored with all of the above (and more!). Nevertheless, that is what is rear the shelves that really get people excited.

The new female-run retail store of best friends-turned-business partners Lindsay Weiss and Alyssa Golub not only offers high-end snacks and products from women- and minority-owned businesses, but also… a secret speakeasy!

Hidden behind a wall (well, a door) of fancy chocolate bars lies PS (abbreviation for Pacific Standard)a chic cocktail bar serving whimsical sips and delicious bites for post-shopping indulgence.

The 1,500 square foot oasis is led by Bar Manager Melissa Brooke, Executive Chef Ali Ghriskey and General Manager Aimee Ollman, who have teamed up to create a range of unique cocktails, creative dishes and pasture boards. made with fresh, seasonal ingredients (some of which are available for purchase in stores).

To turn your shopping day into a date night, find the chocolates and slip into the moody space, which is decorated in a palette of rich jewel tones and polished accents of brass and gold. Nosh on one of their select platters (which include everything from cheese, seafood and vegetables to dessert) and wash it all down with a specialty martini or a playful signature cocktail like the High Tea Negroni or A Splendid Day , a washed down version of a matcha latte, served as a sundae.

Let’s just say, this ideal two-in-one will make grocery shopping that much more exciting!

Click for a preview inside…

[Photos by Ashley Sears courtesy Pine & Polk]

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