The best student bars and clubs in Newcastle

So you picked Newcastle as your college destination, and we can tell you now that you made a great choice, mainly because Toon is such a crazy night! With so many bars and clubs catering to a multitude of different tastes, the city’s nightlife offerings can feel overwhelming (especially if you’ve just left a sleepy country village).

But do not worry! We are here to help. We’ve narrowed down the best deals in Newcastle in a list that will help you during Freshers Week and beyond. So scroll down and start planning that awesome first week, who knows the knowledge you gain might impress the future best friends you live with!


Image: Digital on Facebook

Where: Times Square, Scotswood Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 4EP

Digital is by far the best place to start this list, as it is undoubtedly one of the best student clubs in Newcastle. This is mainly due to their Toon-famous parties on Kandi Island on Mondays. Tickets start for as little as £1, and on these nights you can expect top notch tunes and vibes, super cheap drinks and also, quite uniquely, a bucket of cakes, candies and donuts they offer throughout the night. . Yeah really! They even have student drink deals on Saturday nights, yes you read that right, student Saturdays! What more could you ask for?

Find tickets for events at Digital – here


Image: Bohemia on Facebook

Where: 20 Collingwood Street, Newcastle-upon-Tyne NE1 1JF

A relatively new kid in town, but despite its infancy, Bohemia serves up all the ingredients for a student night out in Newcastle and is quickly becoming one of the city’s go-to spots. One of the key factors to this is its bouncing Wednesday night event, Decades. This mid-week event does exactly what it says on the box: playing all your favorite classics from the infamous 80s, 90s dancefloor classics, 2000s power pop and all your current favourites. With £3 entry and cheap drink deals every night, few nights rival this one.

Find tickets for events in Bohemia – here

Holy Hobo

Image: Saint Hobo on Facebook

Where: THREE, Jesmond Three Sixty, Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 1DB

A student staple before hitting the Toon, Holy Hobo is a bar you’ll be frequenting a lot during your time at Newcastle University. Although it is a good place to spend the night, especially on 2-4-1 Tuesdays where everything, you read that right yes, EVERYTHING on the drink menu is 2-4-1. Many end up staying on a Tuesday, but on other nights its convenient location and cheap drinks make it the perfect hangout. One of the best student bars in Newcastle, and very respectful of your bank account.

Find tickets for events at Holy Hobo – here

gray club

Picture: Grays Club on Facebook

Where: Gray St, Newcastle-upon-Tyne NE1 6ES

The Grays club is an absolute treasure among student clubs in Newcastle. With its four floors catering for all tastes and epic student parties that include; Swingers on a Thursday, which brings the disco to Grays Club at their legendary disco and iconic fairy-lit terrace, all for just £5 entry; Block Party on a Friday that features house and disco on the terrace, party anthems in the club, drums and bass in the den and techno in the brand new bar with balcony, all for only £5. Whatever your vibe, you can be sure to find it at Grays Club, and with great drink prices and student night specials, it’s a safe place to take your new friends dancing the night away. .

Find tickets for events at Grays Club – here

White Bar

Mage: Bar Blanc on Facebook

Where: 38-42 Osborne Rd, Jesmond, Newcastle-upon-Tyne NE2 2AL

This iconic Jesmond haunt has been a staple for students in the area for years, providing them with good vibes and even better deals, it’s the perfect place to spend a night after a hard day of revising, or even as a place to stop before heading into town. With £2 Tuesdays offering a huge range of drinks for less than £2, as well as 2-4-1 cocktails on Thursdays, it knows exactly what it’s doing and attracts a solid crowd of students who make the party alongside the locals until closing time. A great place if you live in Jesmond.


Image: The Lofts on Facebook

Where: Newgate St, Newcastle-upon-Tyne NE1 5RE

This is one of the biggest and best venues in toon for those big special nights. The Lofts has a capacity of around 1,500 and is Newcastle’s largest nightclub, possibly the largest in the North East. While tickets to events here might not be loan-friendly, the superclub consistently brings the biggest names in the business to the North East. DJs from Eats Everything, Horse Meat Disco, to The Shapeshifters have graced its decks and the venue is also home to crazy light shows and a sound system that blasts into everyone’s chest. As far as Newcastle student clubs go, it might not be the cheapest, but it’s sure to give you some of your most memorable nights out.

Find tickets for events at the Loft – here

Tup-Tup Palace

Image: Tup Tup Palace on Facebook

Where: 7 St Nicholas’ St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 1RE

Tup Tup Palace is a place for boujee among the student population. With sparks on the bottles, three rooms with genres ranging from house, RnB, UK and US hip hop, grime, charts, afrobeats and a great VIP area (but probably out of your loan ), it’s bound to catch your eye if you prefer heels to Air Force 1s. The club has also seen its fair share of famous faces, including Drake and Kanye West. Seriously, check out their website. Each day has its own theme, including a number of student nights from Love Dough on Tuesdays, Playground on Wednesdays and Jungle on Thursdays, this is truly one of the best (and boujeeist) student clubs in Newcastle.

Find tickets for events at Tup Tup Palace – here

Soho Rooms

Image: Soho Rooms Newcastle on Facebook

Where: 25-27 Mosley Street, Newcastle-upon-Tyne NE1 1YF

Voted the best club in Newcastle by The Tab a few years ago, you just know that the four floors of Soho rooms will become a home from home as a student in the city. The bar/club is the BEST place in town to get the famous Toon Trebs, and yes it’s exactly what you think it is…triple vodka with mixer. Deadly. But, Soho Rooms is incredibly affordable and very nice for your loan, a must visit and one of the best student clubs in Newcastle.

Find tickets for events at Soho Rooms – here


Image: Popworld Newcastle on Facebook

Where: 14 Bigg Market, Newcastle-upon-Tyne NE1 1UW

Ok we all know what we get with Popworld, once you’ve visited one you’ve all been there, but why should that affect the reality of the situation; it’s one hell of a fun and carefree night. With super cheap drinks and even more cheesy music, everyone can enjoy themselves (unless you’re “too cool”, in which case we didn’t want to go with you anyway.) A classic, and with deals like £1.50 for a Smirnoff mixer, WKD, a pint of Fosters or a Jagerbomb on Wednesdays, this is easily one of the best student clubs in Newcastle, and you’ll no doubt be spending a lot of your time in the toon, and probably your ready, in.

Find tickets for events at Popworld – here

The Hancock

Image: The Hancock on Facebook

Where: 2a Hancock St, Newcastle-upon-Tyne NE2 4PU

A must-visit student pub located just outside the city centre, The Hancock has been a staple for the student population for years now, and with its huge beer garden and plenty of TVs to watch football, it’s the place to be. he ideal place to go for any sporting event, mainly because you will recognize everyone there, but also because of its range of quality student offers and its prime location. Plus, with great food at a great price, the bar is the perfect place to stop for a cheap tea when you really can’t be mad to cook after a day of school. A must visit on Newcastle’s student bar scene.

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