society decorator courting the spotlight with designs of alleged fake records

In her liquidator’s report, Robyn Duggan of Ferrier Hodgson said she believed the company was trading when it had been insolvent since June 2015 and Adriana had allowed it to incur debts in the order of 7, $5 million while insolvent. Duggan referred his findings to the corporate regulator, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

In 2019 it emerged that Adriana had fallen out with a luxury car and super yacht enthusiast Neville “Croaky” Crichton and his glamorous wife nadi, who had hired Adriana after meeting her at a lunch with friends. Nadi hired Adriana to buy luxury furniture for their $45million Point Piper home, which happens to be next door to the former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull pile.

Neville Crichton and Nadi on their wedding day in 2017.Credit:James Brickwood.

The dispute, involving hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of furniture, turned sour when the Crichtons – tired of waiting months for their furniture to arrive – directly contacted European bespoke furniture makers to find out where their coins, only to discover several thousand dollars in deposits had never been received. Lawyers were called and the Crichtons eventually got their money back, while Adriana reportedly blamed an unnamed “third party” who let her down, though her friendship with the Crichtons was irrevocably soured.

Since then, Adriana’s circle in Sydney has shrunk. Her marriage to Daniel Weissthe son of a high profile multi-millionaire corporate thief Gary Weiss, imploded. The Weiss name is well known in business circles; Gary Weiss is a former fire associate Kerry Packerand just about every other billionaire in the country.

Lately it’s been her mother Hélène who has been making headlines in Paris, most recently as a finalist in the race to be crowned a French Eurovision entrant. Under her stage name Helene In Paris, the goofy jazz singer, famous for her elaborate hand gestures and outlandish outfits, was one of 12 suitors drawn from thousands of hopefuls. But after performing Paris my love on French national television last month, it missed the top spot.

Her rise to fame in France has revealed intriguing details about Hélène, who was born in Morocco, spent her childhood in Casablanca until she was 13 before moving to Paris with her family. She moved to the United States in the 1980s and started working in fashion, then moved into interior design, before hosting her own show on the Home Shopping Network and eventually moving to London to focus on his decorating business before returning to his “beloved”. Paris in 2019.

Packer’s mistress keeps him in the family

Delay News Kerry Packer longtime employee, confidante and mistress Julie Trethowan paid $24 million for an apartment in by James Packer The Crown Barangaroo tower has certainly set the stage for some interesting elevator talks at the swanky resort.

Return to Bondi: The Packers returned to Sydney this week.  Left to right, Jackson, 12, mom Erica, Indigo, 13, and Emmannuelle, 9.

Return to Bondi: The Packers returned to Sydney this week. Left to right, Jackson, 12, mom Erica, Indigo, 13, and Emmannuelle, 9.Credit:KHAPGG / BACKGROUND GRID

That’s especially the case if the billionaire ever returns to Sydney and his own two-story apartment in the complex for which he paid $72.229 million.

James’s right-hand man and Kerry’s former poker buddy Ben Tilley also owns a two-bedroom apartment in the tower for which he paid $8.9 million.

At the time of Kerry Packer’s death in 2005, Trethowan – then 48 – had run the Packer-owned Hyde Park Club, a luxury health and fitness club at its Park Street headquarters, for 22 years . The billionaire had often retreated to the five-bedroom penthouse and sub-penthouse in the Toft Monks building in Elizabeth Bay that Trethowan is currently selling. There he employed a chef, driver, nurse, and housekeeper to meet his needs.

In Damon Kitney’s 2018 biography of James Packer, Kerry Packer’s old friend Alan Jones spilled the beans on Trethowan’s role in the Packer family, even after Kerry’s death.

According to Jones, James Packer maintained a friendship with Trethowan. “James actually integrates it into his world. It’s his way of saying, ‘Well, you could have poured shit on us and you didn’t say anything,'” Jones said.

The book also revealed that Trethowan had visited James Packer in Aspen in recent years.

And while Packer has yet to spend a night at the opulent Barangaroo residence, which he has hired the famed designer North Blainey to set up, it looks like the place got a bit of a workout this week with the arrival of Gunnedah’s ex-wife and ex-daughter Erica Packer and the couple’s three children. The discreet visit to see the family, including the grandmother Roswas busy, with trips to Bondi and Taronga Zoo, although PS learned that the Packer tribe was due to return to the States this weekend.

Kerr’s jet-set getaways aren’t eco-friendly

As far as coincidences go, it was certainly odd when another former Lady Packer and fellow beauty Gunnedah Miranda Kerr arrived in town at the same time as Erica.

Running errands and turning off the taps: Miranda Kerr in Sydney this week.

Running errands and turning off the taps: Miranda Kerr in Sydney this week.Credit:Matrix

Flying aboard the $90million ‘family’ jet she shares with her husband, the billionaire Snapchat founder Evan SpiegelKerr was there to promote her line of beauty products.

The shiny jet, as well as the new $250 million “eco” super yacht, are certainly impressive playthings for Kerr, though his comments about living an eco-friendly life seem a bit at odds with the reality.

Miranda Kerr flew in the jet

Miranda Kerr flew in the $90 million “family” jet she shares with husband Evan Spiegel.

Kerr told the E! this week: “It is important to remember that we are in this together, and that even the smallest changes can collectively have a big impact on the planet. Simply turning off the water while you brush your teeth or turning off the lights when you leave a room are easy actions that add up big, especially if we’re doing all of these efforts consistently. “Ohhhkay then.

Hillsong doco rushed to the air

Australian audiences will finally be able to see the explosive trio Hillsong: a mega-church on display April 30 documentary series after local Discovery network bosses decided to rush it out given the controversy that engulfed the Hillsong founder Brian Houston these last weeks.

Former Hillsong senior pastor Brian Houston.

Former Hillsong senior pastor Brian Houston.Credit:Hillsong

The series has created plenty of waves for the church in the United States since it aired a fortnight ago, with several former Hillsong-affiliated churches dropping the brand.

Terry Crist, a fifth-generation pastor in Phoenix, removed his six churches from Hillsong’s fold, telling his congregation in a moving sermon that he was ‘heartbroken’ after Houston resigned for violating the moral code of conduct from the church.

At last count, Hillsong had lost nine of its 16 US church campuses, while some of the church’s most famous members, including justin bieberhave publicly distanced themselves from the church.

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