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Need to crack down: Tourism Minister says he has heard many stories about how tourists have been cheated in Calangute by some dance bars and has verified the truth of these incidents

Panaji: One day after Goa police started cracking down on illegal spas and salons, Tourism Minister Rohan Khaunte says police must take similar action against unauthorized dance clubs and bars who defraud tourists and defame the image of the state.
Khaunte told TOI that he has heard many stories about how tourists have been cheated in Calangute by some dance bars and that the police should shut down these places immediately.
“When you receive complaints from tourists about illegalities occurring in certain parts of the coastal stretches, especially in Calangute, it is our duty as a tourist state to investigate the matter and take corrective action” , said Khaunte.
The Minister of Tourism also said he was verifying the veracity of the incidents brought to his attention. Moreover, the whole state knows that certain illegalities come in various forms and must be nipped in the bud.
“The Chief Minister’s action was a step in the right direction. From the day I took over the ministry, I have been gripped by this matter because I want to see the change in people’s attitude and mentality and attract the kind of attendance that we want,” he said. declared.
For change to happen and for foreign or domestic tourists to feel safe, he said, “the illegalities must end.”
As the state’s tourism minister, Khaunte said he would ensure illegal activities were shut down. These are mainly conducted by night flight operators, he added.
“The night flight operators don’t care about Goa’s interest or its image. They come here, play with people’s feelings and leave, creating a bad impression of the state of tourism,” he said.
The tourism minister, however, said he was not against legal operators and that the permitting process needed to be changed.
“I will have a problem if any type of activity affects the tourism sector and I will ensure that they are stopped,” he said.
Last month a group of Calangute youths alleged illegalities at a certain nightclub in their area and stormed it overnight to demand police action. After preliminary investigation, it was found that the place did not have a license to operate. His license had expired in 2020, said Nitesh Chodankar, a local youth.
Also two years ago, residents of Calangute made noise against illegal operators running dance bars in the tourist hotspot.


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