RHOM: Lisa & Lenny Hochstein Break Rumors – Nightclub Argument Over Woman Whose Drink Was Thrown At

Lisa and Lenny Hochstein fueled rumors that they could break up after being photographed alternating at a nightclub.

RHOM: Lisa and Lenny Hochstein Fuel Split Rumors Following Nightclub Altercation Over Wife – ‘A Drink Was Thrown’

According to reports, the stars of the ‘Real Housewives of Miami‘ were involved in a bust. Lenny reportedly partied in Miami with a model named Katharina Mazepa.

It is claimed that Lisa then arrived at 1am alongside Larsa Pippen. Obviously, maybe Lisa wasn’t happy that Lenny was with another woman, especially in the wee hours of the morning.

And that’s when things seemingly got out of hand. A source said: “They were all there, and they had words. A glass was thrown, “ while another declared: “Lisa got in her face and yelled at him.”

If these comments are believed to be true, they are important for the following reason. First, the couple have two children together.

And given that they are very young, the last thing they need is instability with their parents. Second, if Lenny potentially cheated with another woman, then what does that mean in terms of things to come.

Would they be able to fix things, or is this the end? Well, according to Lenny, things got out of hand. In his comments to Page Six, he noticed: “Not true. Nice try though.”

Fans on social media have been very critical of the couple. People were of the opinion that the couple should work things out. And if that wasn’t possible, then the best thing they could do was walk away on good terms.

After all, children don’t need to see their parents compete. A person wrote: It’s so sad. I hope they get through this or amicably divorce their young children.

“Since the pregnancy issues, I’ve been watching him sideways.” So there you go, folks. What did you think of this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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