Pulse Night Club shooting inspired Stephen Dunn’s Queer as Folk

In a interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Queer as Folk show creator Stephen Dunn (closet monster) explained how he was inspired by filming Orlando’s Pulse Night Club for his next series. To secure the rights to his “reimagining” of the ground-breaking original, Dunn traveled to London to meet Russell T Davies, the creator, writer and director of the original show. His pitch focused on the aftermath of a shooting at a gay bar in New Orleans. Dunn walked away with the rights to the show, and Davies signed on as executive producer.

“I knew from the beginning that there was only one way and one reason to reinvent the series. I didn’t want the title just for the title’s sake. I wanted to rethink it through the lens of what happened after Pulse. Pulse is a specific event that targeted the Latinx community in Orlando. Our show is completely fictional, but the trajectory of our story is inspired by the realities of what it was – not just that night , but the aftermath and how the Orlando community rebuilt in the wake of this tragedy,” Dunn said.

Dunn has hired queer writers and LGBTQ actors, including Devin Way (Grey’s Anatomy), End Argus (Agents of SHIELD), and Ryan O’Connell (Special), to play the LGBTQ roles on the show. Kim Cattrall (sex and the city) and Juliette Lewis (born killers), are also part of the show’s cast, as parents of LGBTQ youth.


Dunn’s version of Queer as Folk is not a reboot

This is the third take on the drama centering on the life of a group of friends in gay Manchester. It aired for two seasons, starting in 1999. A Showtime update ran for five seasons, starting in 2000. Dunn is clear this isn’t a reboot, but a “reimagining “.

“We’re acknowledging the past while fully paving our own path because that was the only way I could approach it. We had to innovate in order to tell the story and make it relevant because we have things of our own. generation to tell. . We have a new story,” Dunn said.

Queer as Folk has been in development since 2018. It was first picked up by Bravo but later landed with the Peacock streaming service. The production suffered a major setback due to the pandemic, but Dunn sprang into action to ensure his updated version of Queer as Folk would not be stopped. He enlisted the help of friends, colleagues and celebrities within the LGBTQ community and created a video in which they discussed their experiences.

The first season of Queer as Folk premieres June 9 on Peacock. Dunn’s Take is the second adaptation of the original for American audiences.

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