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Pelican Elite Cooler 70 Overview

Pelican Elite 70 looks like part of a high-end cooler more than any other model we tested. His team appearance is more like the fact that scientists of the Jurassic Park will store dinosaur eggs, than anything that would be brought to the family trek. It was one of our favorite models that carry and offers good insulation characteristics, all of which have a relatively low price for a high-end model.

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Pelican updated its range of coolers to include a new selection of sizes. Currently, Pelican offers sizes of 30qt, 50qt and 70qt, with retail sales at 70qt for $ 400, compared to $ 375 for the 65,000th version we tested. We initially tested the old 65qt model, but have since tested the updated 70qt model. Read the newer version below (left) next to the older version (right).

Comparison of performance

Despite the fact that Pelican ProGear Elite was not the winner, in our testing there was still a high overall scorer.

Below we discuss all the individual tests that made up our overall scores, and how well ProGear did in each.


Pelican Elite was one of the best performers in our isolation test. This penultimate model broke 40˚F in our isolation test, doing it right after the Yeti Tundra and Engel and about 24 hours before the highest ORCA 58 Quart. This put him on the front end of the tight packing of runners. It corresponded to the best ice preservation mark in our testing with an impressive 7 days. Overall, he scored 8 points in our isolation test, by contacting the Yeti and Engel and dropping one point behind the ORCA. This makes it one of the best downtrodden high-end models in our test and well ahead of the tens of 3 and 4 earned by traditional models.The ProGear insulation capacity is more than sufficient for long weekend trips and, based on our tests, will be able to maintain the safety of the products with even longer trips up to 5 days.

ProGear Elite has the strongest appearance of any of the models that we tested, making it cooler than we would like to meet in a dark alley. Everything on it is hard plastic, including latches and elongated handles. ProGear Elite is the only high-end model we tested that uses an elongated drain plug, not a plug that attaches to the cooler itself. This gives you the ability to fasten the garden hose, but also makes it somewhat less sturdy than the rest of the cooler. The lead of the discharge screw on the model we tested showed signs of tension at the end of our testing. A large amount of water poured out of the lid during our tests on the slit, indicating that there is no structural integrity of the lid seal. These two things did not allow ProGear Elite to get the top marks. Four of the high-end models that we tested scored 8 points in our durability test, and two scored 7. ProGear hit the last category. Nevertheless, we still feel that the longevity has served for a long time, and its evaluation far exceeds the figures 3 and 4 obtained by the traditional models that we tested.

ProGear has an excellent Pelican trademark. In fact, all this is very cool.
Easy to use

Progear Elite was one of the favorite models of our testers in the category of usability. He uses rigid plastic latches, which are released by pressing the button, and are turned on simply, pushing them away. This makes them fairly simple to operate, even with odd angles. After opening, the lid remains secure and does not suddenly collapse. ProGear is the only high-end model we've reviewed that has a small plastic expansion on the sink. Although it seems a little less durable, it minimizes splashing and dripping and drains quickly and completely. Our only complaint was that the leash for the drain hose is simply too short and can sometimes interfere with the drainage water. The drain is compatible with the garden hose, which makes draining much easier without removing it from your car. Before loading the cooler, you will need to connect the hose and leave it connected for the duration of the trip. Thus, you will need a clamp to prevent water from leaking through the hose or buying a short hose with a lid. ProGear earned 8 points in the ease of use of the metric, a test that saw ratings ranging from 5 to 8. His share in the first place with Igloo Yukon and Engel Deep Blue.

Despite being the most difficult model we tested, ProGear Elite was one of our favorite models. This is thanks to the unique, all tough plastic handles. These fully rigid handles distributed the weight more evenly and were more predictable in their thrust direction than the rope handles found on other high-end models.However, in the new model 70qt there are no extended handles of the old 65qt model, so you need to bend over and make a weighted squat to carry it anywhere. It knocked him off the top of our tolerance table, but we still like the pens she has. Externally, the ProGear Elite is also the largest of the medium-sized models that we tested, making it the most difficult to pack into a car, and too high for smaller boxers with Yosemite National Park. This combination earned ProGear 7 in our portability test, dividing the first place with the ORCA and far ahead of the worst Grizzly artist who scored 4.

We are a bit disappointed that the new ProGear has done away with the extended grips, but the built-in handles still provide a fairly easy transfer.

ProGear Elite has a ruler built into the cover, and a suspended stand. It also includes all the structural distinctive features of high-end models with two sets of handles, external latches and loop loops. This combination of functions earned ProGear in the rating of 7 points when testing functions.

Despite the impressive growth, ProGear Elite is really just around the corner - it's the least expensive high-end model that we tested. It lists for $ 375, while the least expensive high-end models, we thought Engel lists for only $ 5 less. Choice Award ORCA winning editors, who surpassed ProGear, lists for $ 35 more.Despite the fact that you can get the best results in isolation just a little, ProGear is still a good value.


ProGear Elite offers competitive isolation and the best pens we tested, in the vicinity of the lowest price point for a high-quality cooler. Some may prefer to spend a little more to get better insulation performance, but for those who are in the elite market, which is not against waving a few percentage points in this area, ProGear Elite is an excellent choice.

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