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ORCA 58 Quart Review

ORCA 58 Quart came out on top in our insulation tests, maintaining safe food temperatures and keeping ice the longest. This made it despite using a design that reduces the volume and improves the ease of transportation. While some improvements can be made to facilitate the draining process and ensure that the lid does not close during normal operation in the camp, the ORCA's dominance of insulating capacity and superior portability earned her "Editor's Choice" award. Most impressively, he was able to overthrow the Yeti Tundra is , the winner of our previous review of the cooler, and a great artist, we felt, would never give up thecrown. Despite the fact that ORACA is a serious heavyweight in the cooler category, it does not take itself too seriously; It is available in a variety of funky colors and includes whimsical whale-shaped gags.
Cooler ORCA comes in various sizes!

If you are not tuned to the 58Q cooler, there's great news! ORCA makes its coolers of different sizes; from the smallest Orca 20 of their kit from Orca 140 . Estimated Foam. Not only do these coolers come in different sizes, but they also have quite interesting colors. And for all those sports fans out there, be sure tocheck out their line of team colors , too!

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The design of the latch on Extra Heavy Duty takes inspiration from its close water mammal.

Comparison of performance

ORCA has dominated the food safety field of our insulation test. He was able to keep the temperature below the FDA recommended by 40˚F, for an impressive six full days. He extended the nearest competitor for 24 hours. This is another full day with omelettes, cheese and sausages. It lasted almost twice as long as the reward for the best buy victory Coleman the Xtreme . He also kept the ice for an impressive seven days. This translates into a full week of frosty beers and refreshing beverages. This work earned ORCA 9 points on our isolation test.

This is particularly impressive given the worst performing model, the Rubbermaid Extreme , scored a 2 on the same test. ORCA is a clear choice for those who want to improve insulation performance on long trips far from places where ice is sold. This isolation dominance can be due, in particular, to its unique form.The ORCA is slightly higher than most of the models we tested, making it slightly closer to the ideal cube. This geometry reduces the ratio of the surface area to the volume, that is, the heat has fewer surfaces through which it radiates in the 58 Quart than in other more rectangular models of similar size. Or maybe it's just magic, it's probably more interesting to believe that this is magic.

Extra Heavy Duty still had a lot of ice left on the 5th day of our isolation test.

The ORCA has all the reliable features of a high-class construction. It has a loop-style loop that looks and feels like they can withstand many abuses. The lid seems solid, and the latches are thick and strong. You have to search around the world to find any feedback from users complaining about problems with longevity.

When testing the structural integrity, we found that the lid seal on the ORCA is one of the strongest; We could not get any water to leak, no matter how much we knocked it down. All this gained ORCA 8 in the durability category. This is the top score that divides the other 3 high-end models and is much better than the worst models that scored 3.

Extra Heavy Duty has extra-heavy hinges.
Easy to use

Ease of use is the only area where 58 Quart does not shine. He scored 5 points, which is slightly different from the average in our ease of use, which was estimated in the range of 5 to 8. This is mainly due to its cover, which, as a rule, suddenly closes when it is left unattended (which caused more Than One of our testers, to cross out words that we can not print here). Although this can be annoying, and a little scary, if it catches you from fear, you can handle it. Do not forget to keep one hand on the lid when you are scouring for snacks, and with me everything will be all right. This is a small price for the best performer in our testing.

Drain works well and is not blocked by the handle, but it does create some splashing in the first unscrewing cork and a little water does trickle around the lower side, but to a lesser extent than the Yeti Tundra . This is a problem that we have faced, to varying degrees, with most of the high-end models that we tested. This is probably due to the fact that high-end models usually use plugs that are screwed into the cooler body, and not into an elongated spout. Therefore, if you are looking for increased performance of high-end models, these minor drainage problems are hardly a compromise. Some of our testers have detected latches that try to compensate for any deficiencies, being adorably similar to small whalTundra. which are slightly more difficult to use than other high-end models. However, once you get used to them, they are second nature and so adorable that you can just give them the names of animals.

The ORCA creates some splashing when you first unscrew the drain plug and can drain a little water to the bottom of the cooler, but otherwise it drains quite well.

The pens on the 58 Quart were some of the most comfortable we used. The combination of a semi-rigid rubber handle with nylon tape overlays is exceptionally good. The handle bent and moved enough to conveniently distribute the weight, but did not bend so much as to allow any tweaking or uncomfortable pressure points. He finished second in this test carry behind Pelican Elite.

58 Quart chooses a more cubic design, which results in a smaller print, but higher in height than most other models. This extra height makes it too high for smaller Yosemite boxes. This added altitude can be a problem if you own a sedan, but we felt that this form was a more economical use of space when loading a pickup truck or station wagon. This cubic shape also facilitates the transfer of one person with the insertion handles, since you do not need to reach your hands so far apart. Despite the fact that, like all models of this size, we do not recommend trying to transfer one person from a fully loaded ORCA. The design of the pen and its shape earned ORCA 7 in our portability test. It shares the first place with Pelican Elite Cooler 70 .Hudshy in this category was a grizzly , who scored 4.

Extra Heavy Duty was one of the favorite models of our testers.

Functions on this cooler include an external mesh pocket, both elongated and recessed handles, as well as hinges for the pin type. This earned ORCA 5 points, which is slightly above the average in the test, which showed scores of 3 to 7.


ORCA is not the most expensive kule P, which we tested, it is cheaper than most other high-end models, but it certainly occupies the upper limit of the price range. If you have already decided that your high-end model requires higher performance for your intended use, then this is of great value. More casual users, for example, those who think of one or two long weekend trips every year, would probably be better served with our Best Buy wins Coleman Xtreme 5-Day , which will serve those situations, and at a much lower price.


Based on our testing, the ORCA provides the best in its class insulating ability in design that is easily portable and well packaged in most cars, which deserves the "Editor's Choice" award. Despite several disadvantages in ease of use, we believe that the ORCA is the best cooler for those who have a large budget that is looking for maximum performance.

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