Nearby residents express concern about Half Acre Night Club at town meeting

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) – Bangor’s Government Operations Committee met Monday evening to discuss concerns regarding the Half Acre Night Club.

It was put on the agenda due to recent concerns from Franklin Place residents about disruptions in the parking lot outside the nightclub.

Several residents have expressed fear of hearing gunshots outside their windows at night and have asked the landlord to take responsibility for what happens outside.

Police said this year they received 55 calls about Half Acre, eight of them from residents of Franklin Place and some from club owner Patrick Brann.

Brann says what happens in the parking lot is out of his control because he belongs to the city.

“Who knows where these people are coming from. I think the problem is, and no one around this table knows the answer, it’s a societal violence and drug problem,” Brann said.

“It’s not like we didn’t share the concerns. We tried to share them with you and you did nothing about it. I was a business owner, and when I was a business owner, I was held accountable. I think you have to be held accountable and you break promises that you keep making year after year and it just gets worse and worse,” said Franklin Place resident Brian Hamel.

Some suggestions included renting the rest of the parking lot after hours so Brann could have security in the parking lot.

Half Acre has its liquor license until November, but that decision is up to the state, not the city of Bangor.

To listen to the entire meeting, you can go to the Town of Bangor’s Facebook page.

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