Myrtle Beach SC Gay Nightclub Celebrates 10th Anniversary


Pulse Ultra Club on South Kings Highway in Myrtle Beach is 10 years old.

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Pulse Ultra Club on South Kings Highway in Myrtle Beach has been serving the LGBTQ+ community since Saturday, said Ken Phillips, owner and operator of the popular nightclub.

“I’ve been in the community for about 35 years,” Phillips said. “My partner and I decided to venture out on our own and start Pulse.”

Phillips said his vision for Pulse was for it to be “a safe place for the gay community to come home to”.

“We have everything. We have weddings and bridal showers. I had it all. But what I want above all is that I want a safe place where the gay community can feel good,” he said.

This time of year is special for Phillips not only because of Pulse’s birthday, but also because of the anniversary of the death of his partner on August 2, 2018, with whom he started the nightclub.

“I’ve seen big changes over the years. Back when I first came out of the community, it was a bit difficult, there was still hate. I’ve seen all of some of my clients getting cut up for beating and thrown in a trash can and I’m not saying the company is still where it needs to be we’re the bible belt of the south of the south but it’s got a lot progressed over the years,” he said.

Pulse is also known as the place to be in Myrtle Beach if you’re involved in drag, according to Alex Hernandez who is a drag king at Pulse and goes by Axel Rey.

He said anyone can come to Pulse to “come dance” or “have fun”.

“One memory at Pulse that I really loved was when they did Knock Down, Drag Out on Mondays in season one, and I entered, I didn’t win, but I entered and it just showed that anyone could come out, like anyone who wanted to give themselves a chance in drag, but was scared, could still show off their talent no matter if they were just starting out in drag Hernandez said.

He also said he’s seen all kinds of people enjoying the Pulse vibe, whether they come for a “nice drink at the bar” or “see a great drag show.” He also said that for some, Pulse was their regular hangout.

“Everyone treats each other with so much love, support and everyone is there for each other,” Hernandez said.

Phillips is looking forward to his now ten-year-old nightclub continuing to serve the diverse people of Horry County.

“I’m gracious to have worked in the community long enough and I’m so grateful to have had the sequel we’ve had, I can’t thank the gay community enough for supporting me over these 10 years,” a- he declared.

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