Mad Club presents sustainable and new world jewelry designs for women

May 14, 2022 11:55 a.m. STI

New Delhi [India], May 14 (ANI/PNN): Mad Club is bringing a big change to the retail segment by introducing affordable modern fashion jewelry for everyone. Mad Club is a pro-woman brand that celebrates freedom of choice and profusion by creating a vast artistic range and exquisite designs for the new world woman.
India’s jewelry industry contributed 7.5% to India’s GDP in February 2021. The billion dollar industry is also expected to employ a total of 8.22 million people by the end of This year. Riding vitally on the growing notion of the jewelry trade, Mad Club brings a pertinent change to the way jewelry is perceived, titled, and adorned across the world.
As its strongest value proposition, the company offers inexpensive products that do not compromise on quality.
It has it all covered to deliver the most innovative and durable options that prove to be the one-stop choice for jewelry customers. The brand is proving to be the engine of the sector and portends significant growth potential in the future.
It pushes its sales and revenue every quarter to reach new performance heights.

Mad Club stands out as a progressive brand that drives through innovation in technology, equal pay and sustainable growth across the load line. Also, it is able to offer economical designs and durable products that have a reasonable value appeal that attracts young women to the brand.
Their latest on-trend fashion accessories are presented in sustainable packaging, reducing the use of plastic. Affordable accessories also pave the way for female empowerment as women create products for women.
With services like cash on delivery, free shipping and easy returns, they are seeing a massive increase in demand among Gen Z and Millennials. Their products have been very well received in the US market and the brand is looking now to expand its activities in the Middle East.
This achievement of the trade objective is vital for the country. Although the industry grew by 50% last year, there was a huge trade deficit due to high imports. As the jewelry industry is largely driving imports, it becomes all the more important for India to support brands like Mad Club.
With the durable and affordable designs offered by Mad Club, success in realizing the industry’s full potential is only a matter of when, not how.
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