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Igloo Glide PRO 110qt Overview

Nothing can spoil a barbecue, how to pull a muscle, trying to grab a huge cooler full of ice, cans and ice. Igloo Glide PRO solves this problem with smooth sliding wheels and a retractable rigid handle that allows one person to easily roll a fully loaded cooler and does not need a trip to chiropractic. This mobility, despite its large size, earned Glide PRO in our Top Pick for Ease of Transport Award. In addition, it worked well in our insulation tests, despite its large size. Just make sure that you have several people if you plan to pick up this fully loaded cooler on and off the car. At 110 quarters, it can easily weigh several hundred pounds, if you fill it to the brim.

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Our analysis and practical test results

OutdoorGearLab Review Team


Igloo Glide PRO is a rugged, well-built cooler that offers a stiff handle that allows you to fully utilize the built-in wheels.

Comparison of performance

The overall performance of the Igloo Glide PRO in our testing was slightly above average.


Product The overall result (0-100)
ORCA 58 Quart 78
Engel Deep Blue 77
Pelican Elite Cooler 70 75
Yeti Tundra 65 71
Igloo Yukon Cold Locker 66
Igloo Glide PRO 110qt 60
Coleman Xtreme 5 Wheeled 100qt 56
Grizzly Cooling Device 52
Coleman Xtreme 5-day 70qt 47
Rubbermaid Extreme 5-day 75qt 33

In the following sections, we will discuss how Glide PRO performed in all the individual tests that make up our overall score.


Isolation was our most important testing metric, and Glide PRO earned a respected 6 out of 10, which put it on an average level.


Product Insulation rating
ORCA 58 Quart 9
Engel Deep Blue 8
Yeti Tundra 65 8
Pelican Elite Cooler 70 8
Coleman Xtreme 5 Wheeled 100qt 6th
Igloo Yukon Cold Locker 6th
Igloo Glide PRO 110qt 6th
Grizzly Cooling Device 4
Coleman Xtreme 5-day 70qt 4
Rubbermaid Extreme 5-day 75qt 2

In our test, Glide PRO was able to keep the temperature below 40 ° F for 3.5 days. This is enough for a long weekend trip on weekends, and thus, for most users there will be a lot of insulation power. In addition, we did not completely fill our coolers in this test, and since Glide PRO is 110 quarters, or about 50% more than most other coolers we tested, this test was a bit difficult. If you completely filled this cooler, it probably would last much longer, especially if you filled it with pre-cooled drinks and food. However, if you are looking for a large cooler for 10+ day trip we offer a look at some of the major proposals of the ORCA or Yeti.


Despite the fact that Glide PRO is still not as strong as high-performance rotary coolers, it still has a solid construction. He scored 5 out of 10 in this indicator, which was the highest score we awarded to any cooler whose cost is less than $ 300. In cases where most traditional models use pressure caps and inflatable hinges, the Glide PRO uses many stronger hinges and larger latches that hold the lid securely closed. None of these aspects are as wise as high-end models, but they definitely give a higher quality than your standard store rate. The wheels are plastic, but they are strong enough, and the bearing roller is good, even under heavy load.The long handle, which is used in conjunction with the wheels, is metal and well laid. In fact, the only part of the design that we are not huge fans is the plastic handles on each side of the cooler. These handles feel a little far-fetched, especially given that they are handles that are used to lift the cooler in and out of the car.We believe that these handles should be slightly stronger for such a large 110-quart cooler.

Igloo Glide PRO has enough strength, enough to use as a place.

Easy to use

Thoughtful design affects Glide PRO on top of our ease of use of testing with a score of 7 out of 10.


Product Ease of use
Pelican Elite Cooler 70 8
Engel Deep Blue 8
Igloo Yukon Cold Locker 8
Coleman Xtreme 5-day 70qt 7th
Igloo Glide PRO 110qt 7th
Rubbermaid Extreme 5-day 75qt 6th
Yeti Tundra 65 6th
Coleman Xtreme 5 Wheeled 100qt 6th
Grizzly Cooling Device 6th
ORCA 58 Quart 5

Our favorite design feature of Glide PRO is an expanding metal handle. It's easy to get out and get out. When it is removed, the cooler can fit in most vans, and when it's lengthened, it's long enough to provide a good amount of leverage, so you do not feel like doing cravings in the gym every time you want to move the cooler around. This lever also makes it very easy to overturn the cooler when you want to wipe the meltwater, and the drain plug did not produce sprinkler-like bursts for lawns in our tests. Our only small complaint was that the latches can sometimes be a little difficult to open and sometimes require the use of two hands.


With its wheel design, Glide Pro did well with our portability test, getting a score of 6. This was just one of the best results of 7 points.


Product Portability rating
ORCA 58 Quart 7th
Rubbermaid Extreme 5-day 75qt 6th
Coleman Xtreme 5-day 70qt 6th
Igloo Yukon Cold Locker 6th
Engel Deep Blue 6th
Coleman Xtreme 5 Wheeled 100qt 6th
Pelican Elite Cooler 70 6th
Igloo Glide PRO 110qt 6th
Yeti Tundra 65 5
Grizzly Cooling Device 4

Glide Pro wheels were the best of any of the wheeled models we tested, only slightly beating Coleman Xtreme wheeled and far superior Rubbermaid Extreme. However, indeed, it was a rigid telescopic handle that provided much more leverage in our tests when the hinged handles on the other wheel coolers. This makes it easy to lift one end of the cooler and allows you to raise the cooler higher, thereby balancing more weight over the wheels, rather than leaning on your hands. This made it, of course, our favorite model of travel around parking lots, packed dirt roads and basically any surface, smooth enough to allow the wheels to roll. The only reason he did not earn the top score is the combination of his large sizes and pens, which he provides for removing the cooler from the ground and into the car. These pens are not terrible, but they definitely can be uncomfortable if you are trying to raise the cooler when fully loaded. This cooler is huge, so you need at least two people to remove it if it is fully loaded, and the third upgrade from the cooler can not be damaged.


The telescopic, stiff handle balances the weight well and makes the Glide PRO very easy to roll.


Glide PRO has a ruler built into its lid, integrated wheels and a long telescopic handle for use with these wheels. These additions earned Glied PRO 6 out of 10 in our testing functions.


Product Features Rating
Pelican Elite Cooler 70 6th
Yeti Tundra 65 6th
Coleman Xtreme 5 Wheeled 100qt 6th
Igloo Glide PRO 110qt 6th
Grizzly Cooling Device 5
ORCA 58 Quart 5
Engel Deep Blue 5
Rubbermaid Extreme 5-day 75qt 4
Igloo Yukon Cold Locker 4
Coleman Xtreme 5-day 70qt 4


Glide PRO lists $ 130. It is much cheaper than any high-end cooler. In addition, only a little more than other large wheeled cooler we tested in Coleman Xtreme - in shower. Seeing how the smaller knobs Coleman «s makes it much more difficult to wheel around, we believe that the Glide PRO worth the extra cost. However, if you do not think you'll roll your cooler a lot and just want something - something big with decent insulation, you would be better not to Coleman.


Igloo Glide PRO is our favorite wheel cooler, because the telescopic handle makes it much easier to roll. If you want something with wheels for your next big blow, this is the cooler for you.

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