Driver charged, nightclub prosecuted after Amtrak train hits SUV, kills three

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) — North Charleston Police Department investigators have charged a woman accused of causing a collision between an Amtrak train and an SUV that killed three people.

Authorities charged 24-year-old Aszeria Vanderhorst on Wednesday in connection with the fall 2021 accident on Remount Road near Dutton Street. She was charged with three counts of reckless homicide.

The crash claimed the lives of Taisia ​​Newton, 22, Danielle Branton, 29, and Reshana Lambright, 32.

According to North Charleston police officials, the arrest was just made due to the complex investigation and the scene that took a long time to unfold.

“Additionally, there were many key pieces of evidence from testing and recordings that took some time to get the results. It then took some time to sift through and analyze those results,” North Charleston police officials said.

Lambright’s estate also filed a lawsuit against Vanderhorst and a club that allegedly served Vanderhorst alcohol before the collision.

In the early morning hours of October 30, 2021, police responded to the accident and found the three deceased victims as well as Vanderhorst who had suffered serious injuries. Police said an investigation showed that before Vanderhorst’s vehicle approached, the crossing warning lights began flashing and the crossing arms were lowering for a train that was approaching. was approaching.

According to the investigators, the vehicle bypassed the arm of the level crossing and was then struck on the passenger side by the train. The train was carrying 500 passengers at the time of the collision and no injuries were reported among the passengers.

Lawsuit against Vanderhorst

On Tuesday, the estate of Reshana Lambright filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Vanderhorst, New Jack City nightclub, and Courtnay Coan and Randolph Alston who are associates with the club.

Lawyers say Lambright was helping celebrate Vanderhorst’s birthday and decided to join the suspect in attending a Halloween party at the New Jack City nightclub in North Charleston where Lambright, Vanderhorst and their friends shopped and been “overserved” with alcohol.

The lawsuit says Vanderhorst was noticeably and visibly intoxicated at the club and was allowed to continue buying and consuming alcohol. Vanderhorst was then allowed to leave the club intoxicated and drive her SUV rental car with the other passengers in the vehicle and continued to drink, according to the lawsuit.

Court records indicate that Vanderhorst disregarded the warning lights and railroad arms on Remount Road and accelerated and attempted to cross while driving between the lowered arms in an attempt to beat the train when the SUV sped off. been hit.

Lawyers said New Jack City should have known Vanderhorst was intoxicated, but continued to serve him alcohol and contributed to his impairment, intoxication and collision.

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