Dons chairman addresses ‘down and dirty’ new kit designs after criticism

Love it or hate it, MK Dons’ new home kit this season is sure to have the fans talking.

The new design, released this season by new kit partners Castore, features a smokey design pattern on the shirt, but from afar looks like it’s actually been used to clean the car (editor’s note! ).

Dons chairman Pete Winkelman, however, came to the defense of the shirt, which is divisive among supporters, and said he should take responsibility for the design, which he remains a fan of.

The red band of change has been revealed with a similar design, and fans are still waiting for the third kit to take cover.

Castore took over the club’s store at Stadium MK, which opened on Thursday, where fans can get their hands on the new shirts as well as other club merchandise.

Will Grigg in the “dirty” home shirt

Winkelman however responded to criticism of the new kits saying, “I get so much criticism about this shirt, people ask me why we have a dirty shirt. That’s not all Castore – we’ve approved all designs. I want to take responsibility for the appearance of the shirt. I really like our shirt.

“We’re 18, we’ve had white shirts more or less every year, blank white, like we’re the new ones. No, we’re not – we’re down and dirty, ready to go again and wanted to put a little something else in there.

“Whether it works is a matter of judgment – it’s a bit like Marmite, but it’s a great shirt when you see them all together. The only criticism I have is that the shorts should have been the same. We have made a mistake keeping the white shorts with our dirty shirts.

“But a lot of our younger fans like it, and it’s a much cooler vibe. We’re starting with something that we worked on together, it’s our idea and it’s for this year only. Don’t worry , we’ll probably go back to a silky white next year.

“Our kits are exclusive to us, unique and change every year, so we don’t have too much time to worry about that. If you don’t like it, you can buy a new one next year, but don’t blame our new partners Castore. You’ll have to blame me.

“We are not afraid to divide opinions.”

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