Chic cocktail bars and speakeasies in Rhode Island

Walk to the back of Hotel Dean and you will find two doors you can go through. One is the Boombox, a karaoke bar belonging to the same people who founded The Salon, and the other belongs to the Dean Bar. The Dean is the intimate cocktail bar type, with dim lights and a menu book of classics. 122 Fountain Street, Providence, Rhode Island, 401-455-3326, @TheDeanBar.

A bartender is preparing a drink at the Dean Bar, which is located inside the Dean hotel in downtown Providence, RIHensley Carrasco


Perks and Corks offers nearly 50 different Martinis on the menu, in addition to their 13 different specialty cocktails. Go here to listen to live music in a lounge atmosphere where colorful cushions line the sofas. 62 High Street in Westerly, 401-596-1260,


High Dive is a brand new small bar located inside an industrial building which has recently been refurbished in apartments upstairs. You even have to enter a code to enter (011). Playing cards are located on each table and they have a shortlist menu that changes frequently. 55 Cromwell Street in Providence,


Directly on Broadway in Newport is Caleb & Broad, a cocktail bar with nearly 20 cocktails and cocktails without different specialty alcohol on their list. If you don’t want alcohol, try the Wild Berry with wild bay puree, soda and simple syrup. Bar snacks are also available, such as fried plantain chips with a lime and garlic aioli or tofu bites with sweet pepper. 162 Broadway in Newport, 401-619-5955,

A craft cocktail at Dean Bar, which is located inside the Dean Hotel in downtown Providence, RIEddy Baptista


Adeline’s isn’t exactly a speakeasy since everyone in Northern Rhode Island seems to know all about it (just look at the back of House of Clocks Plaza). But Adeline’s offers an extensive menu where everything is cooked fresh by chef Phil Giguere. They also have a solid list of drafts, including Two Roads beers from Connecticut, Heavy Seas from Maryland and Otter Creek from Vermont. 2352 Mendon Road in Cumberland, 401-405-0073,


After the water fountain and under the sparkling lights stands The Avery, a district bar of the West Side de Providence. Inside, erotic artwork tops the bar and floor-to-ceiling woodwork. 18 Luongo Memorial Square in Providence,


At the Ocean House, the Secret Garden is an experience that blends luxury and alfresco dining in a whimsical way. In addition to the champagne menu and cocktail menu, the Secret Garden also offers tasting pancakes like spinach and brie ($12) or ham and gruyere with dijon cream sauce ($16) . 1 Bluff Ave in Westerly, 401-584-7000,


The Courtland Club serves craft cocktails, live music, and small bites, which change frequently. Try the Mother Theresa, which is a combination of mezcal, beet, raspberry, blackcurrant, bucket, lime and rose water. Note that when you arrive at the Courtland Club, you will probably think you have the wrong space. You are not. there’s just no hint of signage, but there is a keypad on the front door. Just open the door. 51 Courtland St. in Providence, 401-227-9300,


Merit is a full restaurant, but is also a wine lover’s paradise. Happy Hour is available daily before 6 p.m. in the bar and lounge, where you can enjoy a selection of fire-filled thin-crust pizzas, shrimp cocktail, lobster macaroni, roast salad, scallops and more – all for Under $12. 5454 Post Road in East Greenwich, 401-884-1255,


Along South Main Street in Providence is a small room with plum-colored velvet curtains and stools, a gold bar, and dark wall and wood paneling accents. It’s The Walnut Room, a speakeasy, and is known for its wine list (Spain’s Luberri Rioja Orlegi – for $35 a bottle – is hard to find elsewhere), cheese boards, and cocktails. 245 S Main St., Providence, Rhode Island, 401-227-9500,


In a quiet street next to Westminster and Weybosset is an elegant and weakly lit corner restaurant, serving classic but creative cocktails. Be sure to ask about the punch of the night, which changes frequently. 95 Eddy Street in Providence, 401-831-3339,


Behind the doors of a false lingerie store, Justine’s is a clandestine bar from Olneyville Square adorned with velvet armchairs and jazz music. The menu transports any lover of cocktails in the roaring 1920s, where the 75 French and the Manhattans reigned. 11 Place Olneyville in Providence, 401-454-4440, @justinesolneyville.


Red Door bartenders grow their own herbs on the rooftop terrace and dehydrate citrus peels from kitchen scraps to use in their long-lasting cocktails. In addition to a late-night menu, which serves quality bites until midnight, they also bring in talented singers and jazz bands on Mondays, as well as punk rockers, singers and DJs every week. -end. 49 Peck Street in Providence, 401-258-3660, Updates are posted on instagram.


Marcelino’s has all the vibe you could want in a cocktail bar: dim lighting, upbeat music and comfy seating. Founded by Marcelino Abou Ali and Basel Badawi, the cocktail menu features tropical flavors and liqueurs like jasmine blossom and apricot-infused gin. Marcelino’s will also open a second location in Boston’s Seaport District. 1 W Exchange St. in Providence, 401-666-0088,

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