Career change opportunity knocked as Matthew Tinker worked on the doorstep of a nightclub

Matthew Handyman[8(6)-0] is set to go from open house to open house this Saturday night.

New York-based prospect fights British light heavyweight champion Dan Azez [15(10)] at Wembley Arena tomorrow knowing victory could dramatically change his career trajectory.

The opportunity arose while Tinker was working in Manhattan just to earn a few extra bucks.

With just 12 days notice, some wondered if the former St Francis fan should have turned down Boxxer’s offer.

However, when he explains exactly where he was and what he had just been up to when the offer came, it becomes clear that the southpaw isn’t afraid of hard work and he’s not the type. to turn down the chance to get a transplant.

Not to mention that it’s a job he thinks he’s more than ready for.

“I help out a friend and work security at One & One Bar and Nightclub in Manhattan some weekends. I cycle home after work early in the morning. I had just cycled back to Queens and that’s about when I got the call for the fight,” he said.

“It’s an opportunity and I like the work. I think if you believe in yourself and an opportunity presents itself, you have to seize it, he adds before discussing the short notice.

“I don’t think there were too many people ready to fight on 12 days notice, but I believe I can do it.”

Azeez and Tinker have crossed paths before and fans won’t be surprised to learn that the fight took place after the former National Elite finalist had just completed a shift at the construction site.

It’s a fight the British champion remembers vividly as he took a “sticking” but one the 31-year-old Scarborough-born fighter doesn’t remember in detail.

In fact, Tinker thinks he was more worried about his potentially rowdy sequel than Azeez’s challenge that night.

“To be honest, I don’t really remember the fight. I do remember a few details surrounding the fight though. Back in the amateur days, most of the time I was working during the day and leaving a few hours early to get in the fight.

“At the time, I was working on a building site in West London. The fight took place at Porchester Hall, which is also in west London. I remember a lot of people working on the site came to fight.

“After work on a Friday they all went to the pub and then to the fight. I was boxing for Dale Youth at the time and I remember warming up with Mick Delaney and thinking I was hoping to fight soon because they were all already hammered and I was nervous that it might to start up.

The fact that Tinker raised his hand may have kept his fans in check six years ago, but they shouldn’t use this win as proof that they’ll be celebrating again this Saturday, Tinker says. Not because he’s not confident, but rather that he doesn’t think you can read in such an old amateur performance.

Azeez seems to be using revenge as a motivation for the fight and said he wanted to show how far he’s come. However, for Tinker, what happened in the past has no bearing on the job at hand.

“The fight was a long time ago, I don’t think that will affect this fight,” he adds before admitting his ninth career opponent has impressed since turning around .

“I think he adapted well to the pros, I followed him a bit.”

When asked for a prediction, the big talker light-heavyweight opponent simply said, “listen and find out” before declaring “a win will definitely help me move my career forward.”

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