BTS ARMY makes its voice heard by taking over the Las Vegas nightclub | Z100 New York

Last month, at the official BTS After Party in Las Vegas, the BTS army was in full force. Day 1 – DJ Yo Yolie mesmerized the crowd playing not only their hits but also B-sides, individual member work and the viral ‘Super Tuna’. His videos went viral as the world watched K-Pop performed at one of Las Vegas’ biggest nightclubs on the Strip (Jewel Nightclub).

Photo: IG/@sammydeanphoto

After the events that happened on Day 2, with two different DJs completely wreaking havoc on the crowd with non-BTS music, the crowd had an uproar. Fans had phones in the air asking for songs and many expressed online that they left the club disappointed.

BTS ARMY expressed their disappointment on social media adding that they wanted refunds. ARMY made a huge impact worldwide and begged the venue to bring back DJ Yo Yolie for the rest of the dates. For this reason, Jewel Nightclub, HYBE and IPE listened!

The power of the biggest band in the world completely upended an entire Vegas nightclub, which is unprecedented.

Yo Yolie has been added for the remaining dates.

Check out DJ Yo Yolie, the DJ who earned the respect of BTS ARMY below.

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