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BOSTON — From the outside, it looks like a barbershop on Washington Street in Egelston Square, but below, Boston city officials have dismantled an illegal nightclub sprouting from the basement.

“They should have done it the right way by getting a permit and getting something to prove we’re allowed to do it, don’t do anything illegal it’s ruining everyone trying to get one themselves- same as well,” said Malikah Brown, who lives nearby.

The Boston Department of Inspection Services Investigation and Enforcement Team responded to a complaint at 3114 Washington Street.

Detectives found a makeshift hookah lounge and club and confiscated dozens of hookahs and other vaping and smoking devices.

They also found dozens of chairs, tables, red solo cup packs, a metal detector and a poker table.

“They basically set it up as an underground gambling site honestly for after hours, which they’re wrong to do,” Brown said.

Brown says she is not surprised by this discovery.

She saw other underground lounges and clubs throughout the area and inside people’s homes.

“There are a lot of stores and businesses that have this, and they keep going and nobody knows about it unless you physically walk in like a normal person and see it yourself,” Brown said.

“I don’t think it’s that bad because if you say hookah to me it seems like you know it’s nothing, if you tell me they’re running a drug ring down there like it’s was a real problem,” said Chance Stallings, who lives nearby.

But inspection services say that without the proper permits, this type of illegal activity can be dangerous.

They ordered the owner to immediately stop all illegal activity.

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