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Best coolers and ice chests of 2017

Prepare for summer barbeques and hikes? We researched more than 100 coolers before we tested the top 10 to more than 150 hours of testing. Recently, coolers have evolved from simple products that you could purchase in any hardware store for high-end specialty items that can cost as much as large-screen televisions. This made it more confusing than ever to choose the best ice box for your summer walks. After an exhaustive series of more than 15 side-by-side tests, we can lead you to the correct model and finally answer the question: "Do I have to do to spend $ 400 on a cooler" Most of our review focuses on the models in the range of 65 quart sizes, but most Models are available in other sizes.

ORCA 58 Quart

After our first round of testing, we did not really think, what could be better than a yeti, but ** ORCA 58 Quart proved us wrong. It was a clear winner in our isolation test, which lasted 24 hours longer than the closest competitor. This is another full day of cold drinks and fresh products. In addition to star isolation, it also has well designed handles, a drain plug that does not splash when you empty the melted water, and a more cubic shape that simplifies the loading of the car. Our only complaint was that the lid, as a rule, turned a blind eye to unsuspecting hands if you were not careful. However, you need to pay a little extra attention while you scour the last cold, it's a small sacrifice, which guarantees that it will be, well, holodno.Esli you are interested in sizing options that ORCA offers, they range from 20 Orca whale Orca 140! It was a pun.

Coleman Xtreme 5-day 70qt

Coleman Xtreme 5-Day runs almost exactly in line with our medium-isolation tests. This is especially impressive when you consider that the field was distorted with a doubled number of expensive high-end models compared to more economical traditional models. Even more impressive is the fact that in our insulation tests it outstripped one of the high-end models - "Grizzly Hunting" or "Tailgating." The design of the Coleman drainpipe was also a favorite among our testers. Of all the models we tested, Coleman certainly packs the biggest blow to the dollar. If you look at our prices against the cost of the chart, you can see that the competition for the best buy award is not even close, Coleman was blowing the other low-cost model of the water. In our isolation test, it held a safe food temperatures during the day longer than Rubbermaid and save the ice well. He also surpassed his traditional brothers in the category of durability and ease of use, which makes him a clear carrier of the flag of the highest value. Make sure to check out the full range of sizes it offers Coleman Xtreme series, including 36qt Coleman Xtreme 5-day and Igloo Glide PRO 110qt

If you are going to move around a lot of your cooler, you can not go wrong witht and Igloo Glide PRO. Its sturdy, expandable handle and lightweight slippery wheels make it easy to transport food and drinks around the camping, boardwalk or docking station. In addition, it has proven itself in our isolation test, especially considering its large size, maintaining safe food temperatures for 3.5 days. The only drawback: this behemoth of 110 quarts is quite difficult to lift and exit the car when it is fully loaded.

Pelican Elite Cooler 70

If the executive were filling the role of a Hollywood "high cooler" they would choose Pelican Elite 70. It has a rugged look that one would expect from a model designed to prolong life and deter hungry grizzly bears. We particularly liked his sturdy handles, which we considered the most comfortable in our transfer test. We also felt that this is the easiest high-end model for draining. Overall, Pelican scored in our tests at 77, placing him just one point behind ORCA.

Engel Deep Blue

Engel Deep Blue has a simple structure with severe body and streamlined, without excess latches. At first glance, you will not even notice that this is a high-end model. But to hide in this unpretentious body is a high insulating capacity, strong durability and easy-to-use drainage. Engel also hides something under his minimalist snaps. Small metal hooks that latches reliably double like bottle openers, a feature ideal for days on the beach or after winning at the highest level. Engel also took home a total score of 77 on our testing, placing it a little - a little behind ORCA.

Yeti Tundra 65

When most people portray a high-end model in their mind, they portray the Yeti. This company created a high-quality category in 2006 and for several years was the only brand that focused on maximizing productivity and durability regardless of price. The flagship model of the Yeti, Yeti Tundra in 65, scored 71 overall in our tests. While this puts it a bit further behind the ORCA, than the other runners, he was still able to meet their insulating capacity in our test. Yeti lost a few points due to some difficulties associated with the leak, and what we felt was slightly uncomfortable handles, but it still is an excellent product that can be useful even to the most demanding users.

Analysis and test results

Buying a cooler was an easy decision. You can go to any store, find only a few available models that were almost identical in appearance, performance and price, choose the size that suits your needs, and be on your way. Now buying a cooler means flooding with a variety of options, price points and marketing requirements. Suddenly, instead of quickly buying $ 50, you plan to shell out more than $ 400 for a fantastic box of foam that can become a relic for your grandchildren. Our goal is to make this process less confusing. To this end, we conducted the 10 most highly rated models using the most rigorous tests that we could imagine. Then we looked at our test results in the context of how different people will use them in the real world to better understand which model will work best for your needs. For more in-depth discussion on how to choose the right model, check out our Buying Tips Article

Criteria for evaluation

We defined five performance criteria, which we assessed in our tests. In the next section, we explain each criterion that works best in each of them and briefly explain how we tested them. For more in-depth discussion of the abuse, we put these products through to see our How we test article. Look at the table below to find out where each cooler in our review takes place in the overall performance.


Obviously, the main purpose of the cooler is to cool. Accordingly, isolation is the most important indicator of productivity. The characteristics of insulation can be divided into two categories; Maintaining safe food temperatures and preserving ice.Food and Drug Administration considers the maximum temperature of 40F, in which perishable foods can be stored safely so that more temperature below this threshold can be maintained for longer food is kept safe to eat. More specifically, a temperature of 40 ° F or lower should be maintained in the air space above the ice where food is normally stored. The retention of ice is fairly understandable, so the amount of ice can be saved. Since drinks can be stored in icy slush, ice retention is closely correlated with how long drinks can remain cold. In our testing, we put all the models in one room and fill them with the same amount of ice. Every day, we dried the thawed water and noted how much ice remained in each model. We also controlled the internal temperature through the temperature sensors located above the ice, right there, where perishable food is stored. Discover How we test article for more in-depth description of our rigorous testing procedures.


One of the complications with the purchase of the cooler is figuring out how the cooler performance you really need to buy? The best models are durable and will last a very long time, offering excellent insulation for many days of walking. But are also costly in the upper part of the line of products. If you do not need to stay in the cold for a long time, then a cheaper cooler will be the best investment for your needs. We hope that our tests and ratings will help you narrow down to one or two products that you think are right for you. If you are still not sure what to get, take a look at our tips , which provides some guidelines for narrowing the choices that can be helpful.

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