A new nightclub venue is coming to Portsmouth, New Hampshire

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Have you ever been to The Loft, a separate place under the aegis of The music room theater in downtown Portsmouth, New Hampshire? Well get ready for something new opening this summer, according to The music roomof the general manager, Tina Sawtelle.

The Loft has been closed since March 2020 according to Tina, but is being renovated. New The music hall lounge should be fully open in July this year.

Another cheers to 2022 and the opening of this pandemic.

Downtown Portsmouth, New Hampshire’s historic buildings, teeming with restaurants, retail and the arts community, is one of the most vibrant neighborhoods on the shore. It’s time to the music room, an 895-seat theater built in 1878, to modernize its small venue along Congress Street.

Tina says it’s an exciting new venue that will offer a nightclub vibe with flexible seating options, bar and food service, and an open concept that will appeal to a diverse audience.

Over the years, our clients have told us that they want a dynamic and comfortable space that allows for greater social interaction between our guests and between performers and the public. This renovation will allow us to attract and welcome emerging artists, local talents, actors, authors, etc. And it will also greatly improve our rental capacity

Get this: We’ll be able to see inside this 100-seat venue from Congress Street. I mean, how innovative and cool is it to see the action as we walk around watching the cool kids, or watching those who wish they were sipping cocktails with us and listening to live music?

Local architect Rob Harbeson of Market Street Architects says the big difference you and I will notice is the versatility of the space.

The Music Hall Lounge will have a modern, commercial feel with updated lighting and audiovisual equipment, in addition to many warm elements throughout the theater, including wood features, a fireplace, a variety of seating options and large splashes of color to create a real cabaret look

Here’s a bit of history for you in case you’re unfamiliar.

The original Music Hall was built in 1878 as a Vaudeville theater according to its website, and has been non-profit since 1987. This historic Victorian theater is the oldest in New Hampshire, and the organization has also converted a former retail space on Congress Street into a small black box theater called The Loft. Now this second conversion will soon become The living room of the music room.

Another reason to be excited for 2022.

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