Vodka company signs return and reuse agreement with city bars

An ultra-premium KINGSWINFORD-based vodka company has signed a deal that will see its products served at four of Birmingham’s most popular bars and clubs, while raising money for charity and helping the planet.

Jatt Life has become an official supplier to the four inner-city establishments of Birmingham nightclub owner Wayne Tracey, Snobs Nightclub in Smallbrook Queensway, Sobar in the Arcadian Center, Theatrix and Henman and Cooper, both in Colmore Row.

The deal was signed earlier this month with sites now serving Jatt Life’s four varieties of luxury five-fold distilled French grain vodkas, including its flavored products – lime zest, berries and orange. and pineapple.

The sites have also become among the first in the country to join Jatt Life’s new return and reuse program, which will have its signature black bottles returned to Jatt Life’s headquarters in Kingswinford rather than going for recycling.

For every bottle returned, Jatt Life pledged to donate 20 pence to good causes through its JL Foundation, which was established to support charities and organizations working to improve people’s lives.

This involves staff at each site putting their empty Jatt Life bottles back into the boxes they came in, sealing them, and putting them back when they receive their next shipment.

Once back at Jatt Life headquarters, each bottle will be washed, sterilized and repainted to give it its distinctive shine, before being refilled.

Baz Kooner, who founded Jatt Life with his wife Sunny last year, said they were excited to add Snobs, Sobar, Theatrix and Henman and Cooper to the growing list of bars and restaurants the company supplies to. across the country.

He said: “Wayne is an extremely well-known and respected figure in Birmingham’s nightlife industry and therefore we are extremely proud that he has agreed to serve Jatt Life at Snobs, Sobar, Theatrix and Henman and Cooper.

“At the same time, we are very grateful that he chose to support the JL Foundation through our return and reuse program. This is something that Sunny and I have been looking to launch for some time now, because we believe it is the right thing to do.

“Reusing the bottles rather than recycling them by melting them will save a huge amount of energy and therefore reduce our carbon footprint, while giving something back to the community. ”

Wayne, who has run nightclubs in Birmingham for 20 years, said: “We cater for a wide range of customer ages at all four venues and flavored vodkas are becoming increasingly popular across the board, working with Jatt Life is a good opportunity for us.

“Baz is very passionate and knows his product and it’s very good quality, and I’m always happy to support the local West Midlands brands as it helps the whole area to be doing well.

“Jatt Life is the only vendor that offers a return and reuse system and that’s one of the main reasons I agreed to work with them. We have always supported charities and anything that helps reduce waste and protect the environment is always welcome.

Jatt Life, which employs 20 people, sells its products across the UK as well as overseas to Australia, Canada and New Zealand, with further export destinations in preparation for next year. .

It moved into its 15,000 square feet earlier this year and will operate its own blending and bottling plant on site from January, which will allow it to significantly increase production.

The company also produces its own Irish whiskey and pink Jatti Gin.

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