Top hotels and bars on Crime Branch’s radar, 7 actions facing Nagpur

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Nagpur: Cracking down on prominent hotels and bars that hold late nights with hookah and alcohol, the Nagpur Police Vigilant Division recently launched a campaign against them. As part of the training, the cops raided 20 hotels and bars. Seven of them were found to be in violation of the standards and therefore have been the subject of legal action.

Nightlife culture is nothing new in Nagpur. Many hotels and bars in the city are said to organize nightlife for young people. The organizers allow hookah and alcohol to revelers. The cops had obtained information that narcotics were being sold in certain places.

Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar took serious notice of such incidents and ordered action against hotels that engaged in such practices. As a result, Deputy Police Commissioner (DCP) Crime Chinmay Pandit led an action against hotels and bars on Saturday.

As a result, raids were carried out in 20 locations forming different Crime Branch teams. However, some hotels and bar operators were aware of this last minute action, Dharampeth’s Fusion Café, Jagnade Chowk’s Sangram Bar and Restaurant, Dhantoli’s Rosetta Elite Club, Pablo’s Pablo Bar and Restaurant, Sitabuldi’s Calcutta Bar and Restaurant and New Moti Bar and Restaurant were arrested for breaking the rules.

The action was brought against the owners of hotels and bars under the Mumbai Police Act 33 (W) 131.

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