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Djula is the brand that redefines traditional jewelry designs.

Alexandre Corrot, founder and creative director of the brand, tells us about Djula’s 27-year history and the house’s recent expansion in the Middle East

What is the story behind Djula?

A few decades ago, I was very interested in finding a way to showcase the beauty of everyday women through jewelry. Since I was a child, diamonds have been a key element in all the stories I read and hear. I became more and more fascinated by them as they were always presented as a sign of beauty and told their own story. This is what inspired me to create and design jewelry, this is how Djula was born. I also wanted to make sure I was doing it my way, doing it differently by breaking down traditional boundaries in jewelry making to showcase each woman’s uniqueness.

You first launched the brand in 1994. How has the brand evolved over the past 27 years?

Since launching Djula, our brand’s mantra has been to make sure that we are the mirror image of today’s world when it comes to jewelry trends. Years ago, it was more common to buy and wear jewelry for special occasions and times. Today, jewelry is more visible in our daily life. It can be the starting point of an outfit or an expression of femininity and personality. You founded the brand in France.

What inspired you to extend Djula further?

Traveling the world and feeling the pulse of every city is very important to me. The starting point of each collection is a balance between observation and art. In fact, year after year, collection after collection, I like to make sure that Djula is always on the lookout for market trends, echoing pop culture and considering the tastes of our customers. Djula is a mirror of today’s world and of the relationship we have with jewelry. Art is also a key factor in the creation process because I am a very big fan of Art Nouveau. I like to spend a lot of time in galleries in Paris, New York or LA. This is where I feel most inspired when it comes to creating. This is often my starting point when it comes to creating new collections, as every detail, color and touch is an inspiration that I use to translate with diamonds and stones.

Why did you decide to expand in the Middle East?

When Djula first launched, I noticed customers from the Middle East were visiting our stores in Paris and Los Angeles. They were always interested in learning about the brand and learning about new collections. In addition, some of Djula’s launches were inspired by it. It showed me that the Middle East region is an important part of the brand’s success. Having Djula parts physically in the region has now enabled the brand to be closer to our customers and to strengthen the relationship.

How do you think the jewelry space in this region differs from other parts of the world?

It’s fast and I love it. There is genuine interest and enthusiasm around jewelry. There is a thirst for unique creations, designs and trends.

You recently opened your Dubai Mall – Djula’s flagship store in the Middle East. How long has this been in the works?

We are very proud to have opened our flagship store in Dubai Mall as it was very important for Djula to be here and to connect with our customers. The creation of the Dubai Mall has been quite a journey, as it is a new store concept that encapsulates one of the most vital pillars of the brand; the Piercing Djula Atelier.

djula (1)

Where do you get your motivation on a daily basis?

We started from the ground up and became a global brand, which is amazing. Seeing Djula worn by women around the world, bringing celebrities and influential profiles into Djula boutiques and sold out collections is more than motivating for me. The energy and drive that I have is inspired by our clients and my talented team.

What advice would you like to have received at the start of your journey to success?

Believe in your dream, anything is possible when you follow your intuition.

What are your three main milestones in your career so far?

1. The first time I saw my designs worn on the red carpet; 2. The opening of the First Djula store in the United States; 3. In 2020, when Djula joined the Chinese conglomerate Fosun. A strategic and important move that opened a new chapter for the brand.

What’s next for Djula?

We will not stop creating new collections and developing new projects such as the opening of a new flagship in Paris with a strong concept, as well as the opening of new stores in the Middle East and Asia.

December – ‘The Winter Escape Issue’ – Download now

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