restaurants, bars and hotels fight back

While still reeling from the latest wave of Covid, the hospitality industry has stepped up to help Ukraine in a big way, much of it through the #CookForUkraine umbrella campaign. The campaign was launched by NEXTGen London, Ukrainian-born chef Olia Hercules, her friend and fellow food writer Alissa Timshkona and food influencer Clerkenwell Boy.

All proceeds will go to UNICEF Ukraine’s appeal to help children and families. Over £100,000 has already been raised and the movement shows no signs of slowing down. The campaign’s predecessor, #CookForSyria, raised over £1,000,000 through bake sales, supper clubs and cookbooks. To donate now, simply visit the CookForUkraine Just Giving page.

The Cook for Ukraine campaign quickly gained momentum, with hundreds of restaurants and bars doing their part. Many are adding an extra £1 to the bill for the rest of March, which will be donated to help Ukraine, while others have stopped stocking Russian goods such as vodka. Polish club Ognisko Polskie have even created a cocktail party called “The Zelenskyy”, to raise funds, and will host a fundraising party later this month. Other restaurants hold charity auctions to win a meal for two, a night in a hotel, or even a year of free pizza. There are new ice cream flavors in the works and dishes to celebrate Ukrainian ingredients such as salo (a compressed fat similar to Italian lardo).

Here is a list of restaurants, bars and hotels that are doing their part to help Ukraine. The list is by no means exhaustive, and we will add to it as more sites join the effort. There are also many non-restaurant Cook for Ukraine campaigns, such as supper clubs, cooking classes, and more.

Restaurants hosting a special event for #CookForUkraine

Carousel – Carosel will host a Ukrainian Sharing Feast with Chef and Ukrainian Food Ambassador Yurii Kovryzhenko on Sunday, March 13
Drunken Butler – Drunken Butler owner Yuma Hashemi will host a dinner party with all proceeds going to #CookForUkraine
Townsend – Modern British restaurant Townsend hosts a dinner special with guest chefs

Restaurants that created a special dish for #CookForUkraine

Ave Mario, Circolo Populare, Gloria – The trio of restaurants run by the Big Mamma Group have introduced a new garlic bruschetta to their menus with Ukrainian salo, along with freshly chopped herbs and a shot of vodka (pictured above )
Gelupo – Famous ice cream makers Gelupo have created a new ice cream flavor inspired by Ukraine
Koya – Japanese restaurant Koya made a Ukrainian-inspired green udon borsch with onsen tamago
Officina 00 – Pasta specialists Officina 00 recreate the Ukrainian half-moon dumpling called vareniki in their restaurant
Sabor – Nieves Barragan and José Etura’s Spanish restaurant serves a special cocktail and a new dish to be confirmed

Restaurants organize charity raffle for #CookForUkraine

Paradise Soho – Sri Lankan restaurant Paradise Soho offers dinner for two as prizes
The Doyle Collection – The Doyle Collection – which owns The Marylebone, The Bloomsbury and The Kensington hotels – donated one hotel room in each hotel
The Water House Project – Chef Gabriel Waterhouse’s Bethnal Green restaurant donated dinner for two
Yard Sale – Yard Sale favorite pizzas have a whole year of free pizzas up for grabs

Restaurants adding donations to the #CookForUkraine bill

Throughout March, many of London’s and the UK’s best-loved restaurants will be supporting the Cook for Ukraine appeal by adding a voluntary donation to their bills. Restaurants and diners will be able to choose to add £1, £2 or £5 to each meal, which will go directly to fundraising efforts. Here is a list of restaurants currently participating in the latest check:

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