Nintendo “considering many different models” for the next-gen Switch


Nintendo briefly mentioned their next-gen hardware plans, but there’s certainly not much that can be done.


At Nintendo recent quarterly question-and-answer session with investors, the company’s CEO, Shuntaro Furukawa, confirms that a single concept or design has yet to be locked down.

“As far as the next game system goes, we’re looking at a lot of different things, but when it comes to the concept and the launch schedule, there’s nothing we can share at the moment,” Mr. Furukawa said.


NVIDIA’s new Orin SoC could power the next-gen Switch.

We’ve been reporting on the new 4K-capable Nintendo Switch, dubbed the Switch 4K or Switch Pro, for years now. All the signs are there, and have been in place for some time.

Nintendo’s recent financial briefing strongly indicates the new system is on its way. Reports say game developers have already upgraded Switch 4K development kits, and NVIDIA is currently preparing new Tegra chips that could theoretically power the next-generation handheld console hybrid. The new Switch OLED docking station is also future-proof with a chip capable of producing video in 4K resolution at 60 FPS.

The real question is the overall design and form factor: will the upgraded Switch be a console-only device, or will it also transform and obsolete the 2017, 2019 models and the new OLED Switches. ? Based on how Nintendo describes consumer motivations, I’m betting it’s going to be a console-only device similar to the Wii.

Either way, we won’t hear of a new model until next year at the earliest.

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