Bangor Mall’s transition continues with ax throwing nightclub

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) – The transformation of the Bangor Mall from what locals knew continues in the form of a new nightclub and entertainment venue that hopes to offer something for everyone. world.

The owner told Brian Sullivan on Tuesday that his target demographic was people aged 6 to 96.

“It’s G-Force Entertainment, so by day we have everything from laser tag. We have our arcade, we have the ax throwing, the arm wrestling. We have cornhole. We have our full restaurant. We have a full menu, and our restaurant we have a full bar, and we also have 31 beers on tap, ”said Brian Plavnick, co-owner of G-Force Entertainment.

G-Force is located near the old Sears. They transformed four store spaces to meet their needs, including where Olympia Sports was located.

“It was a big business because before, there was no plumbing here for a restaurant. It took us eight months, ”Plavnick said.

Now operational, it is suitable for children during the day and intended for adults at night.

The latest addition to the new life of the mall.

“This is what malls are becoming across the country, they are places of entertainment, places for people who need to get things done. Almost everything people do online these days, ”Plavnick said. “Or you want to do ax throwing.” Well, you’re not going to do it online. You have to go do it. You know, you’re not going to drink online. You’re not going to go out to eat online, so these are places you have to go.

Plavnick hopes this change will continue.

“I just think the mall needs to embrace this a bit more. And look at this. Look at some of the small businesses in the area, some of the little mom and pop businesses that do crafts, and you know, that stuff is what these things turn into, ”Plavnick said.

From the arcade to ax throwing, including the nightclub, the goal is to carve out a place for yourself in the region.

“In this particular neighborhood, there really isn’t much going on for nightclubs, for people to go out and dance. And that’s it, you know, mainly your regular bars. It’s the same kind of music. So there is not the diversity that we are going to offer in this place. It is completely different. So those who want what we have, they’re going to come here, and then there are other places, lots of other places in the area, for other people to go that they like, ”Plavnick said. .

On Wednesday evening, G-Force will host an open house for its Ax Throwing League.

You can stop by, try a free pizza, and find out all about it.

The championship starts next week.

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