50 Cent mocks Ja rule for nightclub entry, re-heating their feud


50 Cent is making headlines again for starting a famous feud. The person who will be the target of the rapper’s meanness is Ja Rule.

The little rapper took to Instagram on Friday to poke fun at Ja Rule and producer Irv Gotti, who were reportedly denied entry to a New York nightclub. 50 Cent needed two videos to overshadow his fellow musician.

In the video, 50 Cent comments on the squeaky footage of Ja Rule outside a nightclub. The latter is shown ripping his shirt off in what looks like an attempt to fight someone. Although Ja Rule and the people involved in the ruckus cause a loud scene, there is no threat of violence.

“Damn why you don’t let us in, 50 told you not to let us in,” the Power star said in the video caption.

The second video is more or less the same, especially since it clearly shows Ja Rule undressing like he’s ready to fight. 50 Cent continues to giggle and heckle as it unfolds.

“Yo, someone’s holding my shirt! When you want someone to hold you back, and they don’t! ‘Let me take my shirt off because I’m not doing anything. F &% k that I don’t a lot! ‘ Exclusive images of nothing. N &% $ a does nothing! ” he commented, making himself laugh out loud.

Not everyone thought 50 Cent’s mock Ja Rule documentary was funny. Ja was quick to applaud the little man by posting his o on Instagram. He chose to post a video of a bathing rat.

“Curtis, it’s you. Of ALL people, you know what it feels like to get your ass screamed by me, my n — like lol … FEAR FOR YOUR LIFE AS N &% $ A” , Ja Rule captioned the video.

He also claims that he did not even want to enter the club but did not share details of the events of the night. Oh and Ja Rule also shared documents indicating that 50 Cent is a snitch,

There is no love lost between 50 Cent and Ja Rule. The two men have a long history of beef between them. However, Fifty has a way to take their feud to a whole new level.

Both videos posted by 50 Cent have been deleted from Instagram. It is not known if he deleted them or if the social media platform deleted them for some reason.

Who do you think will fire the next 50 Cent or Ja Rule?

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